Secure Email

Make your email system as secure as Fort Knox 

Secure Email

Are you sure where your business emails land? Can you know for certain they are only read by the intended recipient? Do you know if someone is printing or forwarding your sensitive business information? 

Email is still the most convenient and cost-effective way to share information both internally and externally, yet sending sensitive data can pose considerable threats to an organisation’s security and data protection policies.  
When you hit the send button on your secure email, it’s safe and efficient and ensures that the information contained in it is encrypted, so it can only be read by the intended recipient. By contrast, regular emails can be fairly easily intercepted and read by just about anyone. 

Digicomm 360 can secure your emails across all devices, keeping the data owner in control of shared information and offering choice over how users access and send encrypted content.  

How we can help your business

  • Real-time control over what a recipient can do with shared information 
  • Share the information you need to, regardless of file size 
  • Detailed audits and reports so you can track data leaving your organisation  
  • Flexible, secure access across desktop, email, web and mobile apps 
  • Encrypt information shared internally and externally 
  • Cyber essentials certified and GDPR compliant. 

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I'm so grateful that we placed our business with Digicomm. The solution you have provided us works brilliantly and especially in these challenging times, gives us the flexibility to keep working efficiently in a straightforward way when we cannot be office based.

The support from Tom and Warren has been responsive, timely and effective and delivered in a very friendly and accessible way.

CEO- Age UK Salford