Desktop and Laptop Computers

Time for a sexy new bit of kit? 

Desktop and Laptop Computers

What’s the first thing you consider when buying a laptop or desktop computer? How about finding the right solution for the job you need it to do? 

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing computers for your business. What screen size do you need? Is the keyboard backlit? Speed? Memory? How much do you need to spend?  

So just how do you go about finding the right solution when the possibilities are endless? 


We offer a range of laptops which provide the ideal solution for workers who need to use a computer while they are away from the office or on the go. They are extremely useful for staff who need to make client visits, conduct presentations, or need to work remotely and from home. 

If you work in the office, remotely and at home, we can provide a docking station which will allow you to use your laptops in the office in place of a desktop PC, and connect it to the existing business network and a power supply. 


For businesses where workers are stationed at a desk, either in a main office or a remote location, a desktop computerprovides the perfect solution to save them from transporting devices, at the best price. We offer a range of products bespoke to our customer’s requirements, providing the right hardware for the job from lightweight or thin client devices and PCs and computers, to specialist workstations designed to run CAD and design applications. 

How we can help your business

  • Providing the right tools for the job 
  • Access the same information across all devices 
  • Reduce the need to transport devices between locations 
  • Simplify synchronisation between all devices 
  • Secure and protect all devices from viruses 
  • A range of peripherals to enhance user experience 
  • Put the right steps in place to become cyber essentials certified 
  • Maintenance and support including updates 
  • Report a fault at the click of a button  

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I highly recommend Mark Pollitt and his company Digicomm 360 Ltd, to any business wishing to produce telephone and broadband costs.

After a detailed consultation and review with Mark, we were provided with a detailed proposal to install a new telephone for our Online Learning Platform.

Digicomm 360 Ltd will provide you with the right solution.

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