The Invisible Threat: Cyber Security Seminar – 16th March 2022 – Bolton Arena

10 December 2021

Join us for “The Invisible Threat: Cyber Security Seminar,” an enlightening event designed to shed light on the often unseen dangers lurking in our digital landscape. This seminar brings together industry experts, technologists, and thought leaders to explore the complex world of cyber threats and how to effectively safeguard against them. Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or just beginning to navigate the realm of digital security, this seminar will provide you with the insights, strategies, and tools needed to protect your digital assets. Don’t miss this opportunity to arm yourself with knowledge against the invisible threats of our time. Register now and take the crucial step towards a more secure digital future!

Living in a digital era doesn’t have to be scary with Digicomm 360 on your side!

The Invisible Threat: Cyber Security Seminar

Our FREE, informative Cyber Security seminar and networking event will help you understand how to protect your business data, devices, and people.

You will:

  • Learn how we can help you develop a business strategy that combats cyber threats as well as adding real value to your organisation.
  • Watch demonstrations to strengthen your organisation’s defences by implementing cyber security awareness that begins at the top-down.
  • Gain a greater understanding of your roles and responsibilities with minimising cyber risk, right across your organisation.
  • See the unique approach Digicomm take to helping you protect your business’s data, devices and people.

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