Red Rose Roller Skating Festival 2021

22 November 2021

Digicomm360 is proud to have been a part of the Red Rose Roller Skating Festival 2021, a vibrant event that brought together skating enthusiasts, families, and community members for a day of fun and excitement. As a supporter of community engagement and healthy recreational activities, our collaboration with this lively festival underscored our commitment to connecting with the local community in an active and enjoyable way. The festival was not only a celebration of sport and entertainment but a fantastic opportunity to foster community spirit. We at Digicomm360 look forward to continuing to roll with our community in future events, supporting initiatives that bring people together, and creating lasting memories!

Congratulation to all the skaters who took part in the Red Rose Roller Skating Festival this weekend! The event took place over two days and saw skaters from all over the country come together to compete.

Red Rose Roller Skating
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Digicomm 360 are extremely proud to have partnered with other local businesses to sponsor the ‘Red Rose Rollers’. This is a great event and an opportunity for young skaters to showcase their talents!

Red Rose gives skaters somewhere to skate socially and to practice Artistic Roller Staking in Lancashire.

Our Managing Director, Mark Pollitt said “I am thrilled to see the progress my daughter has made in such a short time. She really enjoyed being part of such a fantastic national festival.”

What an achievement! Well done to everyone who took part!

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