Top tips to protect your data

28 January 2021

Today is Data Privacy Day, designed to generate awareness about the importance of privacy, and  highlight easy ways to protect personal information, as well as reminding businesses of their obligations to adhere to privacy laws.

There’s a wealth of information out there, but we know it can seem like a minefield – so in recognition of the importance of what of  #dataprivacyday stands for, we’ve collated a list of easy ways you can protect your data – both in the workplace and in the home. Read on for some top tips to help both businesses and consumer audiences

Data privacy in the workplace 

  • Handling client data 

Are your employees correctly trained in safely handing client data? How a company is perceived to handle data privacy issues has a huge impact on their reputation and ultimately bottom line. Both consumers and other businesses will take  an organisations track record with personal data into account when deciding to do business with them. For some solid stats, read here  – insight piece, Trust Matters

  • Review your homeworking procedures 

With many staff working remotely, are you geared up for homeworking that’s both effective and keeping your business information safe? Do your systems have vulnerabilities which are leaving your business wide open? Digicomm are helping our customers operate securely by:

  • Stopping email data breaches before they happen
  • Ensuring businesses send and receive secure, encrypted email
  • Helping organisations understand, monitor and report on the security of their email

Click here to read more 

  • Ensure your email is secure

Can you be sure your emails are being read only by the intended recipient? Sending sensitive data can pose considerable threats to an organisation’s security and data protection policies, particularly should it fall in to the wrong hands. Click here to read more

  • Get to grips with firewalls

For more information, get in touch with the Digicomm team.

  • Consider your insurance costs

Do you realise that looking after your compliance obligations in terms of data can have a hugely positive effect on your insurance premiums? Businesses that adhere to regulations can save up to 30%, whereas those who are not compliant or are breached can see their premiums go up.

Data privacy at home

  • Manage your privacy settings online

Not sure how to check your security? Use these direct links to update your privacy settings on popular devices and online services.

Manage Your Privacy Settings – Stay Safe Online 

  • Make sure you delete your data

Do you assume when you press delete that item has gone for good? Think again! Click here to read more about how to ensure that delete really means delete  – Insight piece – glad that’s gone

  • Understand company privacy policies

Do you really understand just what you are signing up to when you impatiently press “agree” so you can order your takeaway through the latest app?  – Insight piece – decode privacy policies

  • Speak to your kids about online safety

No, more than ever, it’s crucial to ensure that your kids are clued up on how to protect themselves online.

Protecting children’s online data and privacy | Internet Matters

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