WiFi access without a fuss 


Is your business WiFi reliable and performing at its best? Is your network secure? Do you greet visitors with a branded, secure guest WiFi? 

Reliablerobust and secure WiFi is an absolute essential for any business – but it can seem like a minefield. 

For many organisations, the WiFi they are using is either far more complicated than is necessary or is still in its default, unsecure, out-of-the-box mode. Our WiFi solutions have been developed to deliver a great quality, secure service with all the features that a modern business needsincluding voice callsstreaming videos and roaming  without the complexity of endless manual configuration options.  

In essence, what we’re providing is a great quality, easy to use and secure service that doesn’t have to be your headache, allowing your team, customers and visitors to work anywhere across your office environment, comparable with high solutions in terms of functionality and price. Our solution also offers marketing assistance, allowing business to survey customer habits and patterns and communicate directly with these clients through targeted messaging. 

 How we can help your business

  • Secure and robust WiFi that’s simple to use 
  • Help your customers access your WiFi while keeping your network secure  
  • Scalable to networks of any size – any number of APs, any number of locations  
  • Direct targeted marketing messages through WiFi 
  • Incredibly easy to deploy and manage

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I had lower back problems caused by holding my phone to my ear with my shoulder. After buying a Bluetooth headset from Digicomm, I could feel a massive difference within days. I could also walk around, whilst talking, making it much easier to reach my daily step goal.

I cannot recommend you and your team highly enough. The advice and service was outstanding, and I have no hesitation in recommending you to other businesses.

Managing Director - Business Over Breakfast