Remote and Home Working

Workforce of road warriors?

Remote and Home Working

Can you operate in a modern, flexible environment? Are you keeping your business information safe? 

Remote working is now an essential and established process for modern businesses, and smart organisations are supporting more mobile ways of working and connecting with employees 

We offer a range of IT and telecom products and services that enable employees to work together via their preferred platforms, wherever they may be. 

Telephony  IP Telephony technologies allow your business to route calls to any location, using a physical handset, mobile phone or an app, keeping employees connected to the company network at all times. 

IT  Security is more key now than ever before. We can ensure that your staff have access to the systems and databases they need to carry out their job, while you maintain full control. 


The COVID pandemic has changed the way we work forever, with more and more businesses realising that homeworking is a viable option. Many companies are currently not geared up for this way of working – but we can help  

How we can help your business 

  • The solution to empower you and your staff with confidence and protection for all 
  • Security is key for you and your business 
  • Control the data outside of your business – with controlled access to systems and databases 
  • Maintain an overview of when and where your staff are working 
  • Up your green credentials and save money of fuel costs  
  • Reduce the need for costly office space

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I highly recommend Mark Pollitt and his company Digicomm 360 Ltd, to any business wishing to produce telephone and broadband costs.

After a detailed consultation and review with Mark, we were provided with a detailed proposal to install a new telephone for our Online Learning Platform.

Digicomm 360 Ltd will provide you with the right solution.

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