Network Infrastructure

Build your business foundations on a rock – not the sand 

Network Infrastructure

Have you purchased all the latest hardware to find no improvement in performanceInvested in videocalls and put in a lease line and still have poor connection? Could this be because of your network? 

Network infrastructure is a vital component of modern business operations. Ensuring effective connectivity, communication and management between users, equipment, and external networks is the core structure of business today. 

Failure to have an effective network infrastructure in place can quickly lead to inefficiencies, poor communication and ultimately can lose a business money. Regardless of the speed and design of your devicesa robust infrastructure that can support all of your requirements from voice, computing and video should be a priority.  

It’s the absolute foundation of your business. 

Cabling fibre optics 

Cabling fibre optics lies at the heart of network infrastructuresIt’s used to connect key parts of business technology equipment togetherto create a network that can function effectively, providing channels through which to pass data, voice and video. Reliability is key, and that’s why at Digicomm 360, we design your infrastructure using Cat 5, Cat 6, and Optical Fibre and WiFi to underpin your organisation. 


WiFi forms an integral part of wired network and allows access to locations when cabling might not be accessible. 

Routers & Switches 

Routers facilitate direct data and communication within an IT network, reading the incoming data and ensuring the right elements of data arrive in the right destination.  

Network switches help all these different elements of the network “talk” to each other, helping create a powerful communication system.  

How we can help your business

  • Ensure the foundations of the network are secure from the offset 
  • Make recommendations on how your current equipment can be utilised 
  • Ensuring great connectivity for your voice, data and video 
  • Avoid inefficiencies and poor communication

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I'm so grateful that we placed our business with Digicomm. The solution you have provided us works brilliantly and especially in these challenging times, gives us the flexibility to keep working efficiently in a straightforward way when we cannot be office based.

The support from Tom and Warren has been responsive, timely and effective and delivered in a very friendly and accessible way.

CEO- Age UK Salford