Information on Hold

If you need to leave your customers hanging on the line – give them something to think about! 

Information on Hold

Did you know that 90% of callers will hang up if greeted by silence? Do you realise that missed calls can mean missed sales opportunities and dissatisfied customers?

Callers expect a professional greeting and a quick answer when they contact your business. We understand this isn’t always possible – but don’t leave your customers hanging.  

Utilising music and info on hold is a fantastic way to engage them until a member of staff can answer the phone. It’s also the perfect opportunity to increase sales opportunities, detail products and services and alert them to special offers.   

Whether you want a warm, friendly welcome, an informative message about the history of your business or simply to let them know about your amazing products, we’ll help you to evoke emotion, affinity and enthusiasm for your services before they even speak to your team. 

The process couldn’t be easier – try our Digicomm-megamixer to see how! 

  • Step one – select the music
  • Step two – select the type of voice you want
  • Step three – merge the two, crank up the speakers and play DJ until you find your perfect blend!

How we can help your business

  • Stop customers slipping through the net 
  • Start marketing before you even speak to a prospect 
  • Understand the business you are losing through a call management system 
  • Use background music and voice to tap in to emotions 
  • Stop your customers becoming a statistic 
  • We’ll supply the equipment to get you started

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Digicomm 360 came highly recommended and they put together  a solution to install a telephone/internet line and WiFi at the premises.

Tom Hyde (engineer) was very efficient in safely reconnecting the wires from outside and setting up the new internet and telephone line. I have improved efficiencies around customer communication by having a solution that enables my card payment system to work.

Owner, Raine & Bea