Call Recording and Call Management

Keeping track of your calls can lead to exciting opportunities 

Call Recording and Call Management

Did you know that by better managing your calls, you’ll be running your entire business more  effectively  and more profitably?

Communication is king, and your telephone, email and internet are your most valuable business tools. Our bespoke, cutting edge system puts customers in complete control of their calls, and in turn, it will change the day to day running of your business. 

Get total control of your business numbers and manage how your calls are handled. With real-time and scheduled reporting and the ability to change routing with the click of a button, you can easily create and control all aspects of your telephony requirements, making immediate changes whenever you need to. 

If you can’t measure it – you can’t manage it

Whether you want to improve staff training, offer legal protection or to gain a better customer insight, recording calls is an essential service for many companies.  

Our extensive call recording package gives you access to essential statistics on each of your calls, allowing you to efficiently manage your call traffic. From “hello” to “goodbye” (also known as cradle to grave), you can monitor exactly what’s happening in each call through an easytouse system. 

Our call recording service provides you with the flexibility to record calls whenever needed. For security purposes, you can opt for call recording to be always on, preventing manual override. Alternatively, manual options mean you can start and stop call recording whenever necessary, even during the call.  

This simple and convenient service allows you to store recordings for as long as your industry dictates. You can choose for the recordings to be stored online, individually emailed to a specified mailbox, or to a server of your choice. 

How we can help your business

  • Measure and manage your customer service levels, customer interaction and sales conversions 
  • Staff performance – the secret appraisal tool 
  • Easy and secure call recordings 
  • Improve staff training, get better customer insight 
  • Call recordings offer legal security 
  • Ensure equipment and lines are being used effectively 
  • Recording is PCI DSS and GDPR compliant

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