Homeworking? It’s business as usual with digicomm!

7 September 2020

With more employees being advised to one again work from home, organisations can feel overwhelmed. At digicomm, we’d like to reassure you that at for us it’s very much business as usual– and we’re working hard to ensure that this the case for our customers.

Be prepared

While many businesses are now operating a work from home policy, many are still in the office.

If you fall into this category, you are probably wondering:

What information and systems your people will need to work remotely, and is access secure if they work from home on their own or company devices?

The good news is, Cloud-based solutions such as hosted telephony, Office365, secure cloud storage and VPNs offer you the ability to enforce a truly flexible and mobile workforce – and if you are not already, now is the time to get prepared.

We’ve put together a guide of measures to put in place if you need to increase home working due to self-isolation  – which will allow you to continue operating effectively and securely for your customers.

  • Create a contingency plan: Firstly, address your risks and what processes need to be put in place. Assess how many employees have the equipment and accessibility to work from home – and if they have the means to do so.
  • Check your hardware: Next, ask if you have all the equipment you need to facilitate homeworking – if not, create a list of technology required. Don’t forget printers!
  • Check your phone systems: Make sure that your business calls can easily be diverted to a home worker so that you can continue to give service to your customers if your employees can’t get into the office.
  • Test your homeworkers: Once everything is in place, test that it’s all working effectively. This may include testing personal devices to access company systems securely and checking disaster recovering processes.
  • Talk to your customers: Issue regular updates to your customers, informing them that you’ve activated internal preparations so it’s business as usual. Highlight the measures you have taken and provide reminders of emergency contacts where necessary.
  • Train your staff: It’s important that staff are able to use any new systems quickly and efficiently for minimal downtime. Make sure they are up to speed.
  • Act now: There is a stark difference between being panicked – and being prepared. We’re already seeing an increase in customer requests, so don’t leave your plans until the last minute – act now to avoid the rush.

For more information on how we can help your business facilitate effective homeworking, get in touch today.

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