Get set for Christmas with digicomm!

16 December 2021

Get set for Christmas with Digicomm, your one-stop destination for all your festive digital needs! As businesses get ready to close down for the Christmas holidays, it’s essential to maintain clear communication with customers and clients, keeping them informed about operating hours and how to reach the company during the break. Adding a festive and informative welcome message to telephone systems can make a significant difference. This message can warmly greet callers, letting them know the holiday schedule and providing alternative contact information if necessary. Meanwhile, a great email signature during this season can include holiday greetings, vital dates for closing and reopening, and possibly a link to a frequently asked questions page for immediate assistance. These small touches not only foster goodwill but also ensure that customers feel cared for and informed, even as the business takes a well-deserved break. Whether it’s through a cheerful voicemail or a well-crafted email sign-off, embracing the holiday spirit while maintaining clear communication reflects a business that values both its festive cheer and its commitment to customer service.

It’s a hectic time of year and as thoughts turn to the long awaited Christmas break, it’s important to take five minutes to make sure you’ve done all those last minute jobs before closing for the festive break. We’ve put together a handy guide of everything you need to get in place. So let’s get set for Christmas with Digicomm!

Change your email footer

Our email signatures make any business stand out with professional, branded email signatures on all devices. Add a festive twist to your signatures and add crucial information your customers will need over the break, such as your opening times.

Pre-record a “welcome back” message”

New year is a great marketing opportunity, and so it’s a good idea to record a fresh welcome back music and info on hold message.

Check your service and maintenance

What happens if your IT or telecoms go down over the holidays? Digicomm customers know that they have total cover, even on Christmas Day with our fantastic service and maintenance Maintenance and Support – Digicomm 360. You never know when you might need back up, but with Digicomm on your side it doesn’t have to be a headache.

Warren Hardman

Don’t forget your customers!

Once you have your own business covered, make sure your customers know how they can get hold of your team should they need them over the break – you can include this in your recorded message Information on Hold – Digicomm 360 and your email footer Email Footers – Digicomm 360. You could also divert your phones to ensure someone always picks up.

Take Christmas decorations down for a fresh start in January

It might seem odd, but it means that you’ll return to the office without the distraction of a dusty Christmas tree and prevent those back to work blues!

Empty the office fridge

You don’t want to come back to moldy turkey butties! While you are at it, you might want to look at a local office fruit delivery service for a healthy start to 2022.

Plan work for the first week back

Make sure you and the team have work scheduled for the first few days back so you can hit the ground running . If you’re not already using Microsoft teams, now is a great time to start.

Get your systems set for 2022

Is your IT and telecoms geared up to take you in to 2022? We can advise on the most effective set up for your organisation.

Embrace home & remote working

Homeworking can be more productive and save on office space. Did you know it costs less than £1000 to get an employee set up safely and securely for homeworking?

So that’s it, you’re all set. For more great ideas on how to start 2022 with a bang call our team on 01204 201 201.

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