Are you ready for homeworking?

7 September 2020

As businesses across the country have been forced to activate remote working to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, we’re urging them to take note of the cyber security risks associated with remote working.

We recently announced that we’ve received our Cyber Essentials Plus Certification and this is now more important than ever. It is key that businesses are not complacent and ensure that take staff take the same stringent measures at home as they would at work to protect both themselves and company information.

digicomm was recently awarded Trusted Partner Status with Xyone, and we wanted to share a fantastic guide they have released, ensuring that it’s business as usual – from a secure home office. Tips include encouraging staff to:

• Be aware of the scammers and phising emails
• Check their router is secure
• Ensure antivirus / anti-malware software has been enabled
• Ensure passwords are strong and lock your PC screen if not in use, particularly if other family members are around.
• Don’t open emails or click on links from unknown sources
• Refer to your company IT policy
• If in doubt, always speak to your company IT support team

For more great tips and to read the article in full please click here 

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